If you notice a broken or burned out street light, please report them by visiting the link below.

Report Broken/Burned Out Street Lights

The Village and your fellow citizens appreciate you support in maintaining the lights and safety of our streets.  Thank you for reporting any issues.

Street Light Issues?

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Local Events

From pancake breakfasts, fundraisers, community traditions, festivals and local car shows, Berlin Heights has a variety of events to attend year round.


The Village of Berlin Heights welcomes you to learn more about your local government and encourages your open communication with local leaders.

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The Village of Berlin Heights has an electric aggregation program in place. Electric Aggregation will begin in May 2024 and will end December 2025. The fixed rate is $0.0654 with Energy Harbor.

An opt-out letter will arrive in your mailboxes around April 8th. Do nothing, and you will be enrolled.

If you are in a third-party contract—meaning you have a supplier other than the utility—you will not receive an opt-out letter for the aggregation. If you would like to opt into the aggregations, please get in touch with the supplier. First, make sure that the contract you are in does not have an early termination fee.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Valerie Bluhm with Palmer Energy, the Village's consultant. Her number is 419-491-1040. Energy Harbor - 866-636-3749

Mayor Connie L. Ward

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